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Patient Stories

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Cullen's Story


Myandi Peterson faced one of her worst fears following an ultrasound at 6 months into her pregnancy. Cullen before surgeryThat's when she learned her baby would be born with a cleft lip and palate.

Her doctors in Ruther Glen, Va., referred her to the Center for Craniofacial Care at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU and Dr. Jennifer Rhodes, the region’s only dedicated pediatric plastic surgeon.

“When my husband and I first found out that our son would be born with a cleft lip, we were devastated,” said Myandi. “We sat down to talk to Dr. Rhodes and Ruth Trivelpiece, the clinical coordinator, for a prenatal consultation.Cullen before

They were very knowledgeable and eased our minds, assuring us that they would be there every step of the way and would provide continuous care throughout his childhood.”

Cullen was born in August 2008.

“Today, he’s doing absolutely wonderfully,” said Myandi. “You can’t even tell he was born with a cleft lip, his scar is just a tiny little slit.”

Cullen after surgery“This has been an unforgettable journey. We are comforted that Dr. Rhodes and her team are with us and that we are not alone,” said Myandi. “We have been very happy with the wonderful care we’ve received from everyone at VCU Medical Center.”

Cullen after
Cullen - 2 weeks after surgery

Cullen after surgery

Cullen - 1 year after surgery