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Patient Stories

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Keith's Story


Keith Frey was diagnosed with scaphocephaly due to sagittal craniosynostosis, when he was only two months old.  His parents had never heard of craniosynostosis so they began investigating the condition on the web. 

image - before, fullThey talked to other families who had children with the diagnosis and spent time in chat rooms learning about the condition. From there, they decided to see several doctors to find the best doctor for Keith.

Their search ended with Drs. Rhodes and Tye at the Center for Craniofacial Care at Childrens Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

“Dr. Rhodes took time to make sure we understood our son’s condition and the medical plan for him.  She is very thorough.  We were considering another medical facility, but after meeting with Dr. Rhodes, we knew our son needed to be at Children's Hospital of Richmond.”

He was only six months old when he underwent surgery, and according to his mom, “Keith had his surgery on a Wednesday and we were home with him on Friday evening.”

Keith 1 year after surgery with Dr. Rhodes

image - before, top view
Keith — 2 months old, before surgery


Keith Frey image
Keith — 2 weeks after his surgery


Keith, 1 year post surgery
Keith — 1 year after surgery