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Samantha's Story


“Oh the joy we had with the birth of our daughter Samantha—she was perfect in every way!

The doctor said she had some slight bruising on her forehead from the birth canal. I didn't see anything. We took her to the pediatrician at one week and asked about the pink mark and told them what the doctor said at her birth.

Samatha before1That is when we were told it was a strawberry hemangioma birthmark. No big deal we thought, until it began to get darker, thicker and she had trouble opening her eye!

Samantha after
Samatha - 3 1/2 years old

Samatha before2We went back to the pediatrician and she got us an appointment almost immediatly to see a dermatologist! That is when I began looking up on the internet everything about hemangiomas.

The pediatrician had told me about it and told me it will be okay and not to worry. Of course worrying comes as second nature to me! We met the dermatologist and began our journey into the world of doctor appointments all the time, medicines, and anything in between!

Samantha before We have met some wonderful doctors who I trust are doing the best for Samantha!

I myself am a very emotional person but had no idea how emotional this journey could be! One minute you are as strong as any one person could ever be, all smiles and facing every question from strangers, friends, and family with grace and poise. Then the next minute hiding in the bathroom running the water so no one can hear you cry out loud to let all the stress, worry and fear out! I then would wash my face with a cool cloth and return to my children and husband as that strong confident person I want my children to be.

It is a roller coaster ride for all of us, each and every one, but I am hopefully teaching my children to hold on tight when you're scared, lean on your loved ones around each turn, and yes—sometimes just hold your hands up, scream, and enjoy the ride while you can!!!